Showalter ejects umps (GIF Recap)

Updated: June 22, 2013
Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 1.26.25 AM

This is something new we’re trying over at SportsReel Boston. We’re going to be giving you some of the best moments of the day in GIF form with commentary! Here we go..


A Cubs fan caught a foul ball while on the cellphone. Pretty darn impressive considering it’s very easy to be distracted and not pay attention to the game while on the phone.


Mike Trout made a fantastic diving catch in the left field corner. Amazingly, this is an average catch for Trout.


Denard Span caught a fly ball while blowing a bubble. The Orioles’ Adam Jones also does this on a regular basis, actually costed the Orioles a game against the Yankees earlier this year..


Buck Showalter ejected all of the umpires today after getting ejected. On a side note, Angel Hernandez is an absolutely terrible umpire.