Pay To Script Hash

Pay To Script Hash


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19 Dec 2018.

PAY TO SCRIPT HASH. • Allows specification of arbitrary scripts as payment destinations. • Specific two steps validation logic. • Challenge.

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19 Nov 2019.

Except that Bitcoin doesn't have smart contracts—it has Scripts.

An address that begins with a 3 is a Pay-to-Script-Hash ( P2SH ) address.

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Package txscript implements the Decred transaction script language.

If bip16 is true then scriptSig may be searched for the Pay-To-Script-Hash script in order.

4.3.2 Pay-to-PubkeyHash (P2PKH) .

4.4.2 Pay-to-ScriptHash Address .

script (see scriptPubey field) of the referenced transaction output (hash,n). More.

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The transaction hash of the archived tweet is the only thing you need to find your.

a single OP_RETURN at the beginning; multiple P2SH (pay to script hash).

A Decred address is a representation of a public key, which itself could be a script hash. The most commonly used address currently is the Pay-to- PubkeyHash.