Datadir= Doesn’t Function In Conf File (qt Gui) · Issue #3905 · Bitcoin

Datadir= Doesn’t Function In Conf File (qt Gui) · Issue #3905 · Bitcoin

C++ Qt 92 - QSettings18 May 2011.

conf file into stock ~/.bitcoin/testnet location, i have tried making a symlink from there to the whole dir – nothing helps. the only way to make it stop.

31 Jan 2006.

hi, before an application is exited a method is called where the settings should be written to the registry: void fdi_MainWindow::write_settings() {

11 May 2016.

To restate the primary issue, how can I use the ASSUMED_SYSTEM_CONFIG file (i.e. QSettings::SystemScope) with QSettings? Has anyone.

bitcoind won't start if datadir is specified in the conf file and the user running it has no home dir tested with debian stretch and bitcoin 0.17.1 # sudo -u bitcoin bitcoind -daemon.

d3spwn opened this issue on Jan 23, 2019 · 8 comments.

When no datadir is provided it still uses the home dir or gives an error when it doesn't.

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