Peter J. Vessenes

Peter J. Vessenes

Earlier this year, I invested in a company called Heir Apparent, started by hip-hop artist Pusha-T and tech veteran Summer Watson. Both are humble and thoughtful .

The Centralised Elements To Bitcoin’s Ecosystem - Peter Vessenes InterviewProud to announce @newalchemy Founder Peter Vessenes as our keynote speaker at Token Forum next Thursday! Peter is the founder of the first US.

Peter Vessenes has deep roots in digital currency, tokenization, and blockchain technology. He founded CoinLab, the first venture-backed Bitcoin company,

started his first technology company at thirteen. A serial entrepreneur, Peter has founded startups, created an international development co.

Thanks for your interested in linking with me, but ,I am not Peter J. Vessenes, who is globally known in BitCoin and BlockChain. My expertise is highly advanced.

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3 May 2013.

Coinlab's CEO and founder, Peter Vessenes, issued an impassioned personal letter to accompany the lawsuit, in which he wrote: “Bitcoiners.