Reality Clash Review

Reality Clash Review


22 Apr 2019.

In doing so, players can utilize the virtual objects in the game rather then look around for physical objects or buildings to take cover. Reality Clash.

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15/01/2020  · Reality Clash is the most action-packed and innovative multiplayer AR shooter ever created, try it for free now! Challenge your friends or fight bots in full augmented reality combat. Step into a virtual reality via the Portal and join the battle. Reality Clash is a free to play, geo-location, FPS game where you compete in real-time multiplayer battles in unique virtual environments.

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Reality Clash is a Blockchain-based augmented reality (AR) game that combines the elements of Pokemon GO and first-person shooter games. Reality Clash is a Blockchain-based augmented reality (AR) game that combines the elements of Pokemon GO and first-person shooter games. Skip to content. GET YOUR BONUS HERE. Facebook Twitter Instagram. Online Casino Reviews and Bonuses.

26/12/2017  · Reality Clash is an upcoming AR game from the Reality Gaming Group that’s built using technology powered by cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

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Reality Clash will allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones in no time, but you can also make good money with this video game. The team behind Reality Clash knows what to do to make you happy when it is time to play video games. They have used augmented reality to make your real world experiences more exciting than eve before too.

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30/04/2019  · Reality Clash is now available in the UK and Western Europe On Apr 30, 2019 11:50 am , by Ash Mayhew Reality Clash continued its rolling launch this week, making an appearance on Android in the UK and Western Europe.

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