Standpoint Founder

Standpoint Founder

I had trouble digesting history classes in high school. I had no appetite for massive platefuls of dates and names.


For most of history, mainstream culture has been dominated by a white perspective, with our view of the world shaped by white.

My Past, My Pain, My Passion  #Like #Share #Comment26 Jun 2019.

From a nonpartisan perspective, examples abound both domestically and globally. President Lyndon Johnson oversaw integration while much of.

This article examines how our Founding Fathers designed the Constitution, examining findings on the.

Places the essays in The Federalist in perspective.

A pervasive polarization of perspective has penetrated its way into far too many of our dialogues (especially on social media.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field, Spencer served as President of Affiliated Residential Roofing prior to founding Standpoint. He facilitated.

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1 Aug 2015.

Many treat it as a standpoint that is sceptical of abstract reasoning in politics, and.

devoting a chapter to Burke as the founder of conservatism.

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